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Boost your RISE Pole Vault Membership with the High Performance (HP) Add On! Tailored specifically for pole vaulters looking for direction during the off season, this add-on enhances your training with expert coaching via specialized workouts accessible through the Train Heroic App. It’s designed to boost your speed and strength, enabling you to reach new heights and achieve your full potential in pole vaulting. Join now to start performing better and rising higher!



$40.00 per month*

Pole vaulting isn’t just about technique; it’s about speed and power.  To harness bigger poles and achieve higher heights, you need a robust foundation of speed and strength.  With HP, enhancing these aspects becomes straightforward and effective.

  • Structured Training:  Gain access to the RISE Pole Vault HP Training Group exclusively on the Train Heroic (TH) App.  Every day, you’ll find professional, up-to-date training regimens ready to challenge you.  Open your app, tackle the day’s training, and start seeing results.
  • Expert Guidance:  Have a question about your training regimen? With HP, professional coaching support is just a message away in the TH App. Get personalized feedback and expert advice whenever you need it.
  • Progress Tracking:  Easily log your exercises, sets, and reps within the app. Train Heroic offers a comprehensive history of your workouts and provides detailed charts that map your progress, helping you stay motivated and informed.
  • Instructional Resources:  Not sure about an exercise? No problem! Each exercise comes with a detailed video demonstration in the app, ensuring you perform each movement correctly and safely.
  • HP is available year round.
  • *RISE Member pricing.  Non member pricing $50/mo.
  • Only available to RISE Members at this time.


$100.00 per month*

HP+ is the premium tier of our High Performance Add-On designed for dedicated poles vaulters.  HP+ builds upon the foundation of HP, retaining all its great features while introducing exclusive in-person training opportunities.

  • All Features of HP:  Enjoy all the benefits of the HP Add-On, including access to expert coaching through the Train Heroic App, specialized workouts, progress tracking, and instructional resources.
  • Exclusive In-Person Sessions:  Every Friday, take your skills to the next level with in-person training at the RISE Pole Vault Training Center. These sessions are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your weekly digital training.
  • Hands-On Coaching:  Benefit from direct, in-person instruction by our experienced coaches. Learn and refine techniques on the spot, with real-time feedback and personalized adjustments.
  • Community Engagement:  Connect with a community of motivated athletes during your in-person sessions. Train in a dynamic, supportive environment that fosters rapid improvement and camaraderie.
  • HP+ runs annually from June-December
  • *RISE Member pricing.  Non member pricing $120/mo.
  • Only available to RISE members at this time.

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