What is a Pole Rental Subscription?

Finally a cost effective and low risk solution to having the right pole at the right time!!!  Here are the details…

Pole Rental Subscription


Add as many poles as you like to your subscription.
UNLIMITED free exchanges* using your PVR App.
Cancel at anytime from your PVR App.
Upgrade to more poles or downgrade to less poles at any time using the PVR App.*Exchanges based on availability.


STEP 1. Come in to RISE

Currently we are UNABLE to offer ONLINE rentals or reservations. You must use the PVR App in person at RISE. If you would like to check our current pole availability, you can click the button below.

STEP 2. Find your poles

Find the poles you want in the Rental Rack.

STEP 3. Tap the poles you want

Just take out your phone and start tapping your phone to the poles you would like to rent. If you do not have the PVR App, you can just tap your phone to a pole and it will direct you to download it.

STEP 4. Follow the instructions in the PVR App

Looking to rent for the first time? Exchanging a pole? Terminating your subscription? PVR handles all of this.

🚨ALERT:  Our online inventory has had a few issues with accuracy lately.  While we fix this issue, we would advise emailing support@risepolevault.com to confirm the availability of the pole(s) prior to making your trip to pick them up.

‼️ After you have the PVR app downloaded and account created, you can press this button using the phone that PVR is installed on.  Clicking this button will pull up the PVR app and allow you to fill in your payment details prior to making your first rental.  NOTE:  This is not a requirement, just a convenience for parents or coaches that do not want to make the trip in for the first rental. After you have rented a pole for the first time, your card will be stored in PVR.


How many poles can I rent at a time?

You can rent as many as you would like!  Each pole that you add to your subscription will be $70/mo.  Remember, you can swap as many times as you like with no additional fee, but it is based on what poles are available.

Why can't I rent or reserve poles online?

At RISE Pole Vault, we work extremely hard to make sure that our systems function well.  We are helping PVR to develop an online reservation platform, but it is not ready.  If we released it now, it would only cause everyone headaches.  Nobody likes headaches.

When does my pole need to be returned?

Your monthly subscription starts when you check out and pay for your rental. You will know what poles you currently have rented because they will show up on the “My Poles” page in your PVR App.  If you wish to terminate your subscription, your poles would need to be returned using your PVR App prior to your next months payment coming out.  With that being said, you can keep poles for as long as you would like.  There is no time limit on when they need to be returned.

What happens if my pole is damaged, broken, or stolen?

We encourage you to thoroughly read the Rental Agreement.  If your pole is damaged, broken , or stolen, you are responsible for 100% of the replacement cost of that pole including shipping.

What happens if I don’t get my pole back on time?

If you do not get your rental returned using your PVR App before your next payment comes out, you will be charged for another month of rental.

How do I know if RISE has the pole I need?

You can find this out by checking the current inventory button above or you can come in to RISE and check for your pole in the Rental Rack.  If you do not see the pole you need, or the one you need is checked out, PLEASE inquire about RISE possibly purchasing it for you to rent.

Can I let my friends borrow my pole?

You are not allowed to share rental poles. Only the person who has signed the rental contract is allowed to use the pole.

How do I transport my pole?

RISE does require that your rental is transported in a hard sided container.  If you do not have one, you can get a corrugated tubing section at basically any hardware store for very cheap.

Can I pay by cash or check?

No. Customers are only allowed to pay with a card through their PVR App account.

But my school can’t pay with a credit card, they only use checks! How can they rent a pole?

RISE Rentals only processes rentals through the PVR App using a credit card on file. If your school is unable to use a credit card, you will unfortunately not be able to rent poles.

Can my school have a PVR account?

Yes! If your school would like to have a “Shared PVR Account”, they can create an EMAIL account when signing up. After they have signed up, they can distribute that email and password to their athletes so that they can log into the school’s PVR account on their phones and rent/swap/return poles on their own. HINT: PVR needs to have a payment method on your school’s account to rent poles. Click the “Pre Fill Payment” link above or right HERE to prefill the payment on their account so that your coach doesn’t have to give out the credit card number or come in for the first rental.

How do I get a receipt?

You will receive an emailed receipt to the email that is provided in your “My Info” tab on your PVR account.

Do I need to have my credit card when I come in?

If you have not used the “Pre Fill Payment” link HERE or above to add a payment method to your account prior to coming in to rent your poles, YES, you will need to bring your credit card into RISE and enter it during checkout. After your first rental, your card will be stored on your account, and you will no longer need to have it present.

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