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A Place Where A Pole Vaulter Can Have a Dream and The Tools in Order to Realize It.... | RISE Pole Vault Our Story

It all started with a coffee can…

Yes, a coffee can.  In 1973, RISE coach Tim Winder walked home from school through the small town of Woodlawn, IL not knowing that the direction of his life was about to take a hard turn.  When he arrived home, his dad, Harold Winder, had made him a pole vaulting set up, if you want to call it that.  He had mowed a path in the grass for a runway, buried half of a coffee can in the ground for a planting box, tilled up some dirt for a landing pit, and gave Tim a bamboo pole from a roll of carpet to vault with.  They both had no idea the spark that had been ignited that afternoon.  That day the foundation for RISE had started to be laid…

Tim’s school, Woodlawn High, did not have a track team, but there was nothing that was going to stop him from pursuing his new passion for pole vaulting.  With no coach to help him, he began to absorb as much knowledge as he could followed by a ton of practice on his meager backyard set up.  All of that practice eventually culminated in an Illinois State Championship and state record for Tim his senior year in 1979, but that was just the start…

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RISE Pole Vault Blog

The Ultimate Pole Vault Drill: How to do the Corkscrew

RISE Instructional Tip: This is an advanced drill and not for everyone. Only after all subsequent drills have been mastered is the corkscrew a feasible drill.  However, I will go through how to teach it and why to teach it.  First I will address the why.  The reason that the Corkscrew is so important in the RISE level system, is…

5 ways to prevent running through in Pole Vaulting:

Insights I’ve been coaching pole vaulting for longer than I can remember. I’ve coached very young children through Elite level vaulters. If there is one thing I could point at that needs to be eliminated in the vault it would be the running through. In all my years of coaching and teaching the vault, I can unequivocally say that I’ve…

Most Important Drill to Get Upside Down in the Pole Vault

The 1⁄2 drill is the first pole vaulting drills that we teach at RISE that is 100% an “off the ground” drill. The main point is to teach an athlete, through this drill, how to drop the head and shoulders simultaneously when having the top hand in the proper position at the time of the head and shoulder drop. This…

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RISE Pole Vault Accomplishments


RISE Pole Vault Accomplishments


RISE Pole Vault Accomplishments


RISE Pole Vault Accomplishments


RISE Pole Vault Accomplishments


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