Download this graphic organizer to get your process goals straight so you can achieve your performance goals. We have some simple starter questions above each bubble, but feel free to make each circle about a process goal that you should be focused on!

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RISE Circles of Success Example

IHSA Coaches Letter

Sometimes we come across coach’s who think that there are IHSA conflicts with athletes training at RISE during the IHSA season.  A lot of times it is just a lack of understanding of what RISE is.  If you are running into this problem, click the button below for a resource to bring to them explanation why it is ok for you to continue improving while training at RISE during the IHSA season.

RISE Positions of the Pole Vault

RISE Positions of the pole vault:
So there is a lot going on in the pole vault, right? Use this graphic to help wrap your head around what is supposed to be happening and when it is supposed to happen.

RISE Positions of the Pole Vault

  • Pole tip eye level
  • Hips under shoulders
  • 90 degress in back arm
  • “Snap” phase of plant
  • Shift top hand up and forward to armpit
  • Pole tip is dropping, maintain posture
  • “Crackle” phase of plant
  • Shift top hand in front of foreheadt
  • Pole tip is dropping, maintain posture
  • “Pop” phase of the plant
  • Both arms are extended above header
  • Maintain posture and Jum Up
  • “C” Position
  • Hands are extended above head
  • Drive knee is up at 90 degress
  • “Cord” Position
  • Top hand applies pressure fowardt
  • Trail leg is straight and drive knees is up
  • “L” Position
  • Top hand is still applying pressure during swing
  • Trail leg maintain through this position
  • “J” Position
  • See shin or kneed touching top hand t
  • Hips above the shoulder line
  • “I” Position
  • Right hand on right leg pushing down into box
  • Looking over left shoulder down the pole
  • Right hand on right leg until past the hip flexor
  • Pushing down into box with top hand
  • Looking down the pole
Artboard 15 copy 10Illustration
  • Pushing down pole into the box with the top hand
  • Bottom hand is off of the pole t
  • Start tucking chin and turn thumbs in for wrap
Artboard 15 copy 11Illustration
  • “U” Position
  • Tuck the chin, turn thumbs in, wrap bar, go clear
RISE Off-Season Periodization

RISE Periodization:
We promise, there is a method to our madness. See what our periodized training looks like throughout the year.

Instructional Videos

Learn how to do the “most important drill” in pole vaulting! Master this drill and you are well on your way to new heights!

The best vault drills for all levels! If you put in the reps on these drills your vault is going to improve…PERIOD!!

Do you ever get into the weight room and feel like you are walking around with no direction? Well here is your direction! Focus on these exercises for a better vault.

The dreaded hip….It robs so many vaulters of clearing crossbars. You have to be fully turned BEFORE you get to the bar in order to rid yourself of this thief! Find out how, here.

You have to know what the positions are before you can hit them. Find out the crucial positions that need to be passed through when completing an effective and efficient vault.

SAFETY is the most important aspect of the vault!!! The most effective way to keep vaulters safe is GOOD COACHING. Here are some tips to keep you happy and healthy in the vault.

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