What is a Pole Rental Subscription?

Finally a cost effective and low risk solution to having the right pole at the right time!!!  Here are the details…

  • Purchase a subscription for any number of poles using our Mobile Checkout at RISE.
    • 1 Pole Subscription = $70/mo
    • 2 Pole Subscription = $135/mo
    • 3 Pole Subscription = $200/mo
    • 4 Pole Subscription = $265/mo
  • UNLIMITED Exchanges* using our Mobile Checkout at RISE.  This means if you need to trade in your pole for a new one, no problem.
  • Cancel at anytime using our Mobile Checkout at RISE.  Your rental contract is month to month, so if you find you don’t need a pole for the next month, just cancel your subscription.
  • Upgrade to more poles or downgrade to less poles at any time using our Mobile Checkout at RISE.  Again your contract is month to month.

*Exchanges based on availability.

How does it work?

Step 1:  Come in to RISE.  Currently we are UNABLE to offer ONLINE rentals or reservations.  You must use the Mobile Checkout at RISE.  If you would like to check our current pole availability, you can click the button below.

Step 2:  Find your poles. Find the poles you want in the Rental Rack.

Step 3:  Scan the QR code on the Mobile Checkout Poster.  Take out your phone and scan the Mobile Checkout QR code located on the wall by the Rental Rack.

Step 4:  Follow the instructions on your phone.  Looking to rent for the first time?  Exchanging a pole?  Terminating your subscription?  Mobile Checkout can take you though all rental scenarios.


How long can I rent a pole for?

You can rent your pole for as long as you would like!  Each pole has a rental period of one month and costs $65.  If you would like to extend your pole rental subscription, you don’t need to do anything, your pole rental subscription will automatically be renewed and paid for on the same day of the month as your initial purchase.  You will receive a receipt to your email confirming your payment and the renewal of your subscription for another month.

How many poles can I rent at a time?

You can rent as many as your subscription level allows.  If you are a Single Pole Rental Subscriber ($65/month), you can only take one pole at a time.  If you are a Double Pole Rental Subscriber ($130/month), you can take two poles at a time.  So on and so fourth.  Remember, you can exchange as many times as you like, but it is based on what poles are available.

Why can't I rent or reserve poles online?

At RISE Pole Vault, we work extremely hard to make sure that our systems function well.  We are developing an online rental platform, but it is not ready.  If we released it now, it would only cause everyone headaches.  Nobody likes headaches.

When does my pole need to be returned?

Your month long subscription starts when you check out and pay.  If you wish to terminate your subscription, your poles would be due back to RISE prior to your next months payment coming out.

What happens if my pole is damaged, broken, or stolen?

We encourage you to thoroughly read the Rental Agreement.  If your pole is damaged, broken , or stolen, you are responsible for 100% of the replacement cost of that pole including shipping.

What happens if I don’t get my pole back on time?

If you do not get your pole back in time, you will be charged for another rental period of one month.

How do I know if RISE has the pole I need?

You can check the status of a pole by clicking the button above or checking our rental rack at RISE.  If you do not see the pole you need, or the one you need is checked out, PLEASE inquire about RISE possibly purchasing it for you to rent.

Can I rent a pole over email or phone so you can hold it until I get there?

Pole rentals are only able to take place in person and are on a first come first serve basis.  If you think you will need a pole in the future, we would recommend that you continue to rent the pole until you know you will no longer need it.

Can I let my friends borrow my pole?

No.  Only the person who has signed the rental contract is allowed to use the pole.

How do I transport my pole?

We require that our poles are transported in a hard sided container.  If you do not have one, you can get a corrugated tubing section at basically any hardware store for very cheap.

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